Enjoy a hot tub during your visit

Fancy a hot tub being dropped off for use during your holiday?  We collaborate with Cumbria Hot Tub Hire, a local provider of hot tubs and highly recommend their drop off service where they will come and set up a hot tub on your cottage sandstone terrace, fill it and have it piping hot and ready to go on your arrival!  Offering an extra luxury to a relaxing stay or a social setting in idyllic surroundings, a private hot tub provides a wonderful source of relaxation and entertainment during your holiday.

From parties enjoying cocktails in the sunshine to slipping into hot bubbles surrounded by pristine snow, one of the advantages of hiring a hot tub is that it is not seasonal. Hot tubs are available for rental all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

Cumbria Hot Tubs will drop off and collect an 8 person hot tub to any of the Halls or Cottages at The Rowley Estates for a fixed total cost of £250 for a long weekend or £300 for a one week hire.

Bookings with Cumbria Hot Tub Hire are made independently by our guests. Please contact Leigh and his team –


Mobile – 07810 764692

Email – contact@cumbriahottubhire.co.uk

Please note:

  • To cover the cost of water and electricity associated with hot tub usage at our cottages, we request a £30 surcharge for hot tub hire and will ask this to be  transferred at the time of booking the hot tub.
  • Guests who hire a hot tub will be required to sign an instruction sheet and disclaimer form provided by Cumbria Hot Tub Hire prior to delivery.  Arrangements for this will be made at the time of booking.