The Grounds at Melmerby Hall in 1934Blencowe Hall, the 1590 carvings over the main entrance, Lady Jane Grey's mottoMelmerby Hall in the Eden ValleyMelmerby Hall 1934 with the ballroom wing intactRowley Family in Hampstead, 1884Melmerby Hall, 1944Blencowe Hall 1821 A Picturesque Tour of the English LakesBlencowe Hall in 1893
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The Rowley Estate is a private family owned collection of farms, woodlands, restored historic manors and family businesses.   The Rowley Estate was established in Cumbria by Edwin Rowley in the 1800s and the estate has been in family hands for more than five generations.

Blencowe Hall

Historical context: Blencowe Hall’s courtyard entrance is dated 1590 but the archeological evidence shows that Blencowe Hall pre-dated this by some time.  Centuries of semi-dereliction gives Blencowe Hall a unique position in terms of preservation of medieval features including spiral stone staircases, enormous fireplaces and other unusual features.
Blencowe Hall won an English Heritage Construction Conservation Award which was accorded to the twenty most outstanding projects undertaken with their supervision in 2008, an Eden District Design Award, the NWDA Conservation Award, and the RICS National Conservation Award.

Melmerby Hall

The first mention of the existence of Melmerby Hall is in the reign of Edward II (1307 – 1327) on 8 July 1315 when the “fort of Melmerby….[was] to be provided with men and victuals and safely guarded” after the death of John de Wigton who had probably constructed it.  Curwen dates the hall range to 1570 making reference to one of the Tudor fireplaces and a stone staircase of 16th century date.  There is a collection of vaulted stone cellars beneath Melmerby Hall whose ceiling are hewn directly from the sandstone bluff.  Melmerby Hall passed from the ownership of Adam Pacok in 1381 to the Threlkeld Family who extended the central medieval fortified peele tower in the 17th century and added the Georgian wing at the front of the hall in the 1800s.

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