Covid-19, book with confidence

As hosts of holiday guests for the last 25 years, employers of our staff at The Rowley Estates, and residents here in the UK, we are aware of the concerns and risks relating to Covid-19 and recognise this is an extraordinarily challenging time for all of us.

In line with the government’s announcement, we have closed our holiday letting cottages and will remain closed for holiday guests until the lockdown measures currently in effect are lifted.  We are able to open cottages for guests travelling under certain circumstances (please see the Note below for additional details).

We are pleased to have all of our properties classified as Covid-19 secure leisure venues. This has been achieved by us with our “We’re Good to Go” certification from VisitEngland. We received this industry kitemark after VisitEngland reviewed our risk assessments and changes we have made in the light of Covid-19, assessed our cleaning guidelines, materials and checklists, employee health tracking and monitoring, guest communication regarding Covid-19 including signage, PPE provision and employee training.

Our office is open (remotely) and we are readily available to answer questions about Covid-19 and holidays or any other matters and we can be contacted by email on or by telephone on 07968258234.  Our booking calendar is open for bookings from the 8th of March onwards and we are looking forward to welcoming guests again once the lockdown and tiering regulations allow us to do so.

If your holiday needs to be cancelled due to the current lockdown restrictions in place since the 4th of January 2021 or if any future lockdown or local area/tiering restrictions prevent us from hosting you for your holiday or make it illegal for you to travel to the holiday property you have booked, we will offer you a full refund of any amount you have paid, a credit note with no expiry date or a change of your holiday to a future date.


During the current lockdown which commenced on the 4th of January 2021, holiday accommodation may only open for a guest group or guest that meets one of the following criteria:

is unable to return to their main residence
uses it as their main residence
needs it while moving house
needs it to attend a funeral, linked commemorative event or following a bereavement of a close family member or friend
is isolating themselves from others as required by law
is an elite athlete (or their coach or parent ) and needs it for training or competition
needs it for work purposes, or to provide voluntary or charitable service
is homeless
was staying there when the area entered Tier 3 or 4
needs it to attend education or training
needs it to visit a person who is dying
needs it to care for a vulnerable person or seek respite from doing so or
needs it to attend a medical appointment or treatment.