Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Rowley’s Christmas Trees are grown on the Estate in a sustainable plantation. We provide seasonal wreath decorations at all of our cottages during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.  We also provide complimentary Christmas trees in our holiday cottages for the Christmas and New Year holiday stays.

Please also feel free to visit the plantation in Newrough located between Little Salkeld and Glassonby during the season. They’re all grown locally and a variety of trees like Norway Spruce and Noble Fir travel less than 1/4 of a mile from the woods to the front garden for sale.

The Christmas tree and wreath sales run during the season from 9 am till 6 pm at Newrough, along the road leading from Little Salkeld to Kirkoswald, post code CA10 1NP.  Please feel free to contact the on site team directly on 01768898534.

Extract from an article in Cumberland and Westmorland Gazette

Deck the hall with a real tree and clear conscience

Green householders are keeping it real this Christmas – by buying natural Christmas trees rather than artificial ones. Once seen as the less environmentally-friendly option, real festive trees have now been shown to be a greener choice – and are becoming increasingly popular.

Artificial trees usually end up in landfill sites when they reach the end of their lifespan and most are made in China, adding to transport pollution. Real trees, however, are grown locally and can be recycled as compost and mulch or used as firewood. They are a carbon-neutral source of fuel because they absorb as much carbon while growing as they give out when burnt.

Grant Rowley, of Newrough Woodland Services in Glassonby near Penrith, said the popularity of real trees was increasing so rapidly that he has been struggling to keep up with it.

“We’ve had to turn away 30 different wholesale orders because there’s been so much demand,” he said. “Every year we seem to build up more.” He is sure that greater environmental awareness is leading to the increase. “There’s a growing interest in where goods have come from. People want to know they are sustainable and come from a well-managed farm, and prefer to buy local products to cut down on mileage. Our trees are sold only a quarter of a mile from where they’re grown.”

For every tree cut down, one or two new ones are planted, so their increasing popularity is helping to take more CO2 out of the atmosphere. The natural trees also increase biodiversity by attracting all forms of wildlife.

“If you go up there in April, May or June,” Grant says, “the trees are full of songbirds,” Grant said. “They provide a brilliant habitat for them.”

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