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Weddings Like No Other At

Rowley Estates

Hire our Cumbrian estate halls for romantic grandeur, discreet service and exceptional flexibility

A Rowley Estates Wedding is distinctive

At Rowley Estates, you set the timetable. The menu’s all yours. Your celebration’s the only event happening. You know every face. You have free run of the space.

You’re assured of the luxurious standards and attention to detail you’d expect at a five-star hotel. But you bypass the conveyor-belt anonymity of a corporate function. No competing activities or other wedding parties. We limit ourselves to a small number of weddings across the Estates, so you’re guaranteed individual attention.

We want you to feel as if your wedding day’s being hosted by a loving family member who just happens to have a magnificent home in which to celebrate. Our weddings expert is available to help with suggestions and recommendations and a Rowley Estates representative will be discreetly present on the day.

Three stately homes within the Rowley Estates are licensed for weddings. Each has a unique character. All have exceptional facilities and immaculate attention to luxurious detail.


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