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Grocery delivery options are varied within the Rowley Estates. Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s delivery service is available at all of the Rowley Estates accommodation for sourcing the basics when we come and stay with friends. It is really helpful to have someone else responsible for the shopping when relaxing on holiday. During the season in July, Rowley’s Raspberries is available for pick your own fruit or this can be picked for you by our friendly team.

If you prefer to shop in Penrith or need to go into town and pick some things up, we recommend Booths which stocks a lot of locally sourced produce and has a fantastic deli and fresh range department.
Westgate House, Brunswick Road, Penrith CA11 7JU
Tel: 01768 890 666

Marks & Spencers Food Hall stocks the full range of high quality groceries synonymous with the brand. This new, modern store also offers M&S services such as Food Ordering, personalised or wedding cake orders and a fresh bakery.
22-27 King Street, Penrith, CA11 7AG
Tel: 01768 239446

Cranstons which is renowned for its local butchery and won the 2011 National Butcher’s Shop of the Year. It also has an excellent deli department and good sourcing. It has been in business since 1914 so is obviously getting a lot right for its customers!
Ullswater Road Penrith CA11 7EH
Tel: 01768 868 680

J&J Graham Family Grocers in the centre of Penrith was established in 1793 and still has the old fashioned counter service feel. A wide range of local products, including cheeses and baked goods from the Village Bakery at Melmerby are available here.
6 – 7 Market Square Penrith CA11 7BS
Tel: 01768 862 281

More mainstream alternatives are Morrisons on Brunswick Road, Penrith CA11 7JU Tel 01768 867 631 and Sainsburys in Common Garden Square CA11 7FG Tel 01768 245 800


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